We cleaned out the desks and turned in the keys.

But we kept the hard drives.

After all, they’re chock full of memories. Over the 15 years we trail blazed around the marketing world, we made many friends in addition to clients.

That’s because we did things differently. You know, broke the rules and managed to still reach our goals. We were the lovable renegades of the direct marketing world. Add some diabolical bad guys, and it would make a somewhat entertaining movie.

Back in 2000, we were the first agency to create personal URL technology for B2B Direct Marketing. I have more test URLs that end with my own name than I can count.

We even won a handful of awards for our efforts, which almost doesn’t seem fair. We were simply doing our jobs, but then again, it’s nice to have a little bit of recognition. I like to think we helped keep the trophy makers working.

And now, we’re riding off into the sunset. Farstar was a great place to work, we did really cool stuff, and we learned enough to stuff our portfolios with things we’re proud of. More people in this industry should feel that way.

If you’re a former client, thank you for working alongside us. If you’re a potential client, well, you’re not anymore. If you’re a friend, hi, how’s it going?

And if you absolutely need to contact us, you can email realhuman@wedontplayfair.com. But be patient, because no one really works here anymore.

Thanks for the memories,


P.S. Thanks for all of these awards, too:

  • Kevin Lofgren Named to The Dallas Business Journal's "Forty Under 40" List in 2005
  • Farstar Named to Comerica Bank's "Collin 60" List in 2007
  • Kevin Lofgren Wins Collin County Business Press Celebration of Enterprise Award
  • Farstar Wins the D/FW Interactive Marketing Association Most Effective Local Campaign Award
  • Farstar Wins Direct Marketing Association’s International ECHO Award in 2008
  • Farstar Wins Frisco’s Small Business of the Year Award
  • Kevin Lofgren Named as Frisco’s Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
  • Kevin Lofgren Wins the Tech Titans’ Community Hero Award
  • Kevin Lofgren Named to the Collin County Business Press 2008 21 for the 21st Century
  • Farstar Named to Comerica Bank's "Collin 60" List
  • Farstar Wins Direct Marketing Association’s International ECHO Award in 2009
  • Farstar Named to Inc. Magazine's Fastest Growing Private Businesses in America
  • Farstar Named Frisco Style Magazine's Best of Business 2009
  • Farstar Wins Direct Marketing Association’s International ECHO Award in 2011